Who We Are

What We Believe

Our top priority is you: our ambassadors, our skeptics, our followers, our community. What you think and what you need shapes our day-to-day at KinetiCore Fitness.

And we believe that to provide you with the level of service you deserve, we should first and foremost seek your ongoing and honest feedback. So before reading about our mission and values, we ask that you consider the following: what should a company set on changing the understanding of wellness value? Promote? Believe in?

Jot your answers down, then read on… If they don’t line up, let us know.

Our Mission

We will empower others to discover their own meaningful and sustainable path to wellness by providing multiple avenues of support, bridging personal relationships with the wellness community and by refining and enhancing the knowledge and skill set of those we serve.

Our Values

  • Do it Boldly

    KinetiCore Fitness will prosper only through passion. We shall maintain a persistent and uncompromising thirst for new knowledge and innovation in an effort to more vehemently pursue a state of sustainable wellness. If something is not done with passion and the earnest desire to extend the life and relevance of sustainable wellness, it will not be done.

  • Do it Right

    We will always strive for growth and progress, but never at the expense of our integrity. We believe that the right thing to do is always the right thing to do, first in the interest of our ambassadors and followers, next in the interest of our employees, third in the interest of our communities. We trust that acting with integrity in the interest of those that matter most will yield far greater return.

  • Do it Best

    In the absence of excellence, our efforts are in vain. We will not and cannot submit to you any product, service or resource without first exhausting every internal opportunity for further perfection. Upon public submission, we will remain open, eager and never defensive, awaiting ambassador, follower, skeptic, and community feedback on achieving greater excellence in any aspect of our business.