The Manifesto

Does TV time lead to ADHD?

“Can I watch just one more episode?” “Fifteen more minutes?” “Can I just finish this level?” Do these questions sound familiar? To most American families, the answer is probably yes. On average, American children spend between seven and eight hours in front of some kind of screen each day. (Media and Children) Compare that to the…

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Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse

If things don’t change soon, zombie-ism won’t just be a pop culture phenomenon. It will be a reality. Consider this, given the increasing prominence of chronic lower back pain and poor posture in Americans, a nation full of hunched-over sauntering zombie s is not far off. Aside from a slight technological advantage and distinctly different…

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When Excuses Stop, Wellness Happens

I have 47 different half-finished projects laying around my house. I have 32 unfinished projects sitting on my desk at work. I have 2,184 projects I haven’t even started yet. And somehow I’m supposed to walk the dog, pick the kids up from school, eat, schedule doctor’s appointments, pay the bills, get groceries and find…

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5 Ways to Improve Your Wellness Plan

Stuck trying to concoct a wellness plan and not sure what to do? This video might be a good place to start: Basics of a Well Catered Wellness Plan Here’s what we’ll cover: How to Start: The basics of implementing a well-structured and sustainable wellness plan. How to Avoid Injury: Fundamentals of activation and recovery in…

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3 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier Today

What people often do when they are determined to eat healthier: 1. Spend five hours to prepare a meal that sounds terrible using a “healthy” recipe from some magazine. 2. Invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a “healthy” pre-packaged meal plan. 3. Accidentally starve themselves by eating only fruit, salad and the occasional nibble of…

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