How To Take the First Steps

Do you want to move your body more?

Yes? Perfect, then this post is for you!

Do you want me to sugar coat how to do that?

No? Excellent, I’m glad to see we’re on the same page.


…If you’re struggling to get up and get moving, chances are you spend most of your life sitting still. There may be a million things going on around you, or inside your head, but you’re stationary.

You’re inactive despite the fact your body was made to move.

You want to move but someone is holding you back.

Are you willing to admit who the true culprit is? No? I’m sorry to hear that. Please try answering again or come back when you’re ready to take responsibility for yourself. (By the way, thanks for playing along)

Are you willing to take responsibility for yourself and what you haven’t done? That’s great news! It has become increasingly rare for people to take responsibility for what they’ve done, or in this case, not done. I appreciate your willingness to face the facts and see the truth. And if the truth hurts, guess who can change that…

You can. You can and you will.

But how?

Great question! Since you have the courage to ask I’m happy to provide you with my answer: allow yourself to change and you will.

For the sake of transparency, I’ll admit that I basically just repurposed Gandhi’s “Be the change you wish to see…” quote. Does that take away the reality of my answer? I don’t believe so. But if you feel it does I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Please, avoid the temptation of being shy.

Here’s the part you’ve probably been waiting for.

Here’s the part where you learn how to take the first stepsAs simple as it sounds, please complete the following in the order listed:

  1. Stand up from your stationary position.
  2. Take one brisk step forward.
  3. Take another brisk step forward.
  4. Complete Steps 2 and 3 for five minutes today.
  5. Add one minute to Step 4 for 30 days straight.

Guess what you’ll achieve if you take five minutes out of today and complete Steps 1-5 as listed above? You’ll have taken the first steps!

Guess whose responsibility it is to take these first steps?

Confident in your answer? Please share it in the comments section below.

Let’s show how it’s possible to take responsibility for ourselves – one step at a time.

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