In May of 2006, Michael Siler made the medium sized journey from his home in New Mexico to Austin in pursuit of a degree in Health Education at the University of Texas. During his first few years there, Michael (predictably) fell in love with the city’s charming ingenuity and decided he had no choice but to stick around after graduating.

Graduation came and went and Michael went on to earn his certification for personal training through the American Council of Exercise, followed by becoming a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist through the prestigious National Association of Sports Medicine. Austin had plenty to offer in the way of group fitness, health intervention, training studios and gyms so Michael found himself swimming in opportunities.

wellness gapBut through this sea of fitness and wellness happenings (running group this, clean diet that, lecture on nutrition A, trigger point therapy B), Michael noticed something peculiar. Austin was certainly a fit city, no questions there… And yet the “unhealthy” didn’t seem to be getting any healthier.

The “fit” advanced to new levels of wellness like clockwork, leveraging new data, new tools, and new styles of training. But the rest remained stagnant… Or got worse. So Austin seemed to be left with an odd (and unfortunate) gap in its’ residents state of health. And how to bridge the gap was unclear.

But one thing was apparent: this gap was becoming more and more prevalent as fitness fads, slightly absurd cleansing and weight-loss diets and other widespread wellness rumors (/lies) came to the scene.

When you improve a little each day, eventually big things occur… Don’t look for the quick, big improvement [like fads*]. Seek the small improvement one day at a time. That’s the only way it happens-and when it happens, it lasts.”John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach
So with all this in mind, Michael knew what he needed to do: 

  1. Stop focusing on just getting the healthy healthier and start making useful information on nutrition and exercise transparent to everyone.
  2. Stop the spread of “cure-all” fad diets and (arguably unsafe) fitness trends and start actively refuting them.
  3. Start promoting achievable, meaningful milestones.
  4. Start compelling others to reimagine “health” and not just make wellness of a part of their lives, but instead, to start living life…well.

Active trainingAnd so, Michael’s destiny, KinetiCore Fitness and the vision of Sustainable Wellness, was born. The mission was to bridge that wellness gap by expanding beyond the gym floor, by actively reaching out and relating to the yet uninspired, connecting individuals to uniquely powerful and personal missions, empowering self-discovery through community forums and events, by providing fresh, insightful perspectives, customized consultations and realistic wellness programs.

Today, KinetiCore Fitness continues to embody the philosophy that wellness can (and must) be sustainable and that no “gap” need exist by providing services like public lecture series, “grocery list modifications,” at home fitness plans, easily accessible publications and more.

Well-rounded and customizable services combined with great passion and a compelling mission keep our wheels turning here at KinetiCore Fitness. Our hope is that one day those wheels finally reach their destination: a Sustainably Well community.

But until then, we’re loving the journey.



*this parenthetical was inserted by KinetiCore Fitness.

Hey, here's a note from Michael:

KinetiCordial Greetings to all.

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your involvement in our wellness revolution. Whether you're in here or out there talking about nutrition or exercise, teaching mom how to do a squat safely, cooking better meals for your family or just here because you're curious... together we will bridge this wellness gap.

In good health,

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