After two years of training with [KinetiCore Fitness], I am not only feeling much better about my self-image and more confident in my physical abilities, I am setting goals I never dreamed I'd be able to.

In summer of 2010, when [my trainer] Michael and I first started, I was afraid to run outside in public. Flash forward to fall 2012: I've completed an Olympic distance triathlon. Wait, scratch that. I've completed two.

Working with Michael has imbued me with confidence, desire, and true enjoyment of athletic pursuit. I set tremendous goals and I achieve them. I've somehow become known as "the athletic one" in my peer group (tell that to my high school self and he'll die of laughter), and I'm feeling so much more comfortable in my skin.

Michael's training style has made all this possible -- his methodology is accessible, understandable, and doable. And in winter 2011, when I said to him, "Hey Mike, I think I I might want to do a triathlon," he grinned and replied, "All right, amigo, let's do it." And we did.Gary Jaffe, 24 years
I have been training with [KinetiCore Fitness] for four months… I have gained whole body and core strength, balance, agility, and I rarely experience aches or pains.

[We vary] my routines and exercises to work in a very integrated manner. [My trainer] comes in with a preplanned list of exercises every session and wastes little time getting me to work. I am impressed that we rarely do the same thing twice. [My trainer] seems to have many ways of working the same body areas while integrating the whole body. He is very conscientious about working with any injuries or conditions that I may have and always starts by asking how my body feels. He modifies anything that needs to be modified to accommodate this. His workouts are challenging, fun, and I feel great after doing them.

I also appreciate that [my trainer] Michael a good business person. I have worked with trainers for several decades and Michael is the most consistent with keeping track of number of sessions and what I’ve paid or not paid. He really takes this off my plate.

I am very glad to be working out with [KinetiCore Fitness]. I feel strong and fit. Karen Fustes, 67 years
As a school teacher, I told [my trainer] that my training goals were strength, endurance, and balance (the last one so that I could spin around from the blackboard to catch students in the act). I am also somewhat susceptible to ADD, which means that I get bored fairly quickly with repetitive routines. [My KinetiCore Fitness] workouts have addressed these challenges perfectly. Each week, [my trainer] has a routine written out and prepared for me, and these workouts are varied, safe, and push me to achieve.

I see hiring a personal trainer as making an investment in my current and future health, and with [KinetiCore Fitness], this has been money well spent.
I am stronger, slimmer, and quite satisfied with my gym experience under [my trainer’s] tutelage.Tim Mercer, 48 years
[We have an] amazing trainer! He makes our sessions fun – he’s creative and always changes things up so it's never boring or routine. During our sessions, he keeps our exercises challenging but is always checking in to make sure we don't strain or hurt ourselves.

We originally started training with [KinetiCore Fitness] because we knew we needed to build strength and get fit, but we weren't eager to start. We were no athletes (not even close!) and wondered if we were making a mistake working with someone nearly half our age– turns out it was quite the opposite. We work out with [our KinetiCore Fitness trainer] three days a week and it is the best investment we have ever made in ourselves! Karen Kahan, 53 years and MariBen Ramsey, 53 years
I'm not the kind of person to invest in a personal trainer, mostly because I don't like looking like I don't know what I'm doing. The problem was, I really didn't know what I was doing. I had played sports and worked out all my life, but always with that "max out on the bench," "squat 'til your knees collapse" mentality my high school coaches had instilled in me.

But I was tired of being in pain, tired of my monotonous fitness routine and downright exhausted by my persistent googling of the phrase, "good workout for an athlete," just to find a simple, boring variation of a lunge or bicep curl.

Enter KinetiCore Fitness. I went with them because they had consulting services, which allowed me to avoid my ridiculous fear of looking like I know nothing in the gym. I learned the basics of biomechanics and the importance of functional, whole-body movement.

Using my newfound knowledge and my KinetiCore Fitness trainer as a resource, I was able to come up with entirely new workouts that were fun, challenging and result-oriented. Without ever even thinking about it, I happened to lose 30 pounds and came to feel infinitely more comfortable in the gym. I definitely couldn't have done any of this without KinetiCore Fitness! Rebecca Reid, 24 years
I've worked out in other gyms and gone through circuits using expensive gym equipment, however I found that routine to be boring and very difficult to achieve the results I wanted. Someone looking for a workout that is more than just sitting and waiting to use gym equipment needs to go through a training session with KinetiCore Fitness.

My trainer's workouts are ideal for athletes or really anyone looking to improve strength, balance, flexibility and agility. His workouts involve exercises that make me use multiple muscle groups at once so they are much more effective and his active involvement in my workouts allows him to tailor the workouts specifically to me.

The exercises I do in any given workout are varied, so no two sessions are the same, and I always leave feeling great about myself because of the consistent and constructive reinforcement. Another benefit of training with KinetiCore is the knowledge of diet and nutrition I was able to acquire, which made me feel more confident about what I should eat (and why).

If you're a former athlete trying to recapture some of your athletic ability or just looking to lose some weight, I highly recommend KinetiCore Fitness. Tony Reyes, 26 years

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