Top 6 Questions For Your New Personal Trainer

The health and fitness industry is booming, despite (or perhaps as a result of) the ongoing obesity epidemic we’re facing.

This has resulted in an over abundance of training “professionals,” some more qualified than others. Which means it’s more important than ever for you to make sure your personal trainer is qualified and competent.

But how?!

When researching or meeting with a potential trainer, be sure to consider these six questions:

(1) Does this trainer have a business card or website?
Investing in this aspect of their career demonstrates commitment and professionalism.

(2) Is this trainer certified? Through what entity?

A certification through a credible certifying agency like NASM or ACE is important. Be weary of working with trainers with certifications that required little more than a credit card (unless they have a darn good reason for having it).

(3) Does this trainer have any testimonials or references?
Meaningful testimonials and strong recommendations from previous clients are good indicators that this trainer is the real deal. You can also gain some insight into the trainer’s style, expertise, etc.

(4) Does this trainer have their “policies and procedures” in writing?
Having policies (billing and cancellation included) written down and in plain sight prevents “surprises” down the line, demonstrates competence and professionalism and, just as important, is a sign of a trainer whose time and business is valuable.

(5) What does this trainer do for fun?
You’ll be spending a fair amount of time with this person each month, it’d be nice for them to have a personality. If they can’t think of a single hobby, you should probably be wondering what they’re hiding.

(6) What is the typical “new client screening” and “ramp-up” like?
You might be anxious to get started, but it’s important that your trainer get you started correctly or you could be in for trouble later on. The more thorough intake and ramp-up, the less cookie-cutter the trainer.

Do you have other questions you like to get answered before picking out a new trainer? What are they?

Share your own experiences (good and bad) in picking out a trainer in the comments!

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